How Often Should We Get Our Hearing Screened And Why?

Hearing is one of the things that we take for granted, and because sound is so complicated and exists on many different frequencies, it’s often hard to realize when we begin to experience hearing loss. We don’t notice that we aren’t hearing everything that people around us are hearing, because we can still make out what people are saying, or we can still hear the sound of traffic when we’re outside. We might not notice that we can’t hear our phone ringing in our pocket, or that birds are singing in the trees. We know that we should get a physical once a year. We know that we should get our teeth cleaned semi-annually. How often should we visit that hearing clinic Charlotte NC residents boast about?

First of all, we need to know the difference between screening and testing. Screening means your doctor is searching for signs of hearing loss. You should have your hearing screened on a regular basis. If your doctor detects hearing loss, then he will prepare to have your hearing tested further to see what can be done for you. Children get their hearing screened at school every year. Adults should include hearing screening in their annual physical check-up every three to five years.

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Hearing screenings are painless and don’t take up much time at all. Hearing loss may also be a sign of other health conditions, such as cardiovascular problems or diabetes. It’s important to keep an eye on possible red flags. Not only will you want your hearing back if you do discover signs of hearing loss, but treated hearing loss reduces your risk of cognitive decline, dementia, falling in old age, and depression. Hearing is a major part of our sensory stimulation that keeps us engaged with the outside world. To go without it can contribute to feeling socially isolated or anxious. Don’t let hearing loss impact you negatively.