Using a Better MRI

When your doctor orders an MRI scan for you, there is a good reason. MRI has the clearest and deepest resolution and can be used for a variety of diagnostics that would otherwise be more complicated. It is the preferred diagnostic scan to be used. The only problem once was that they are tight and small.

Open Field MRI

The open field MRI machines came along some time ago and were designed so that patients who felt claustrophobic would be able to have the scans. Now, the open MRI is the standard form used so that all patients can tolerate the scans.

open MRI

These are still just as accurate as the previous machines and they cost the same. Insurance will cover the cost of MRI scans in most cases if a physician deems it necessary.

Other Scans and X-Rays

The usual types of scans used are x-ray scans and CT (CAT) scans. The first is one everyone knows about and is the most common type of diagnostic scan used. CT scans, on the other hand, are similar to MRI in terms of three dimensional detail internal images and use thousands of tiny x-rays to do it.

As it turns out, the MRI is a more detailed scan. It is also more costly and that is why it is not used as much. Usually insurance companies prefer the CT scan to be used first.

Open to All

The open field MRI truly is a better way to do an MRI scan. You will not feel like you are trapped in a tube when you have to do this scan so it is open to all while providing the highest, most detailed resolution possible.

The other scans are open as well. It is just that they have their limitations and it is not possible for doctors to see everything they need to see on those scans.