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Berkley Heat, May 2008
National Bestseller!
ISBN-10: 0425219631 ISBN-13: 9780425219638
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Dreamwalker coverDamon Venizélos is an incubus — a dreamwalker trained by the government to assassinate people through their dreams, although he prefers to seduce women in their sleep. Aurora diScipio is a lamia — a born shapeshifter — and a master thief who delights in a challenge. For his next mission, Damon needs a thief and Rory is just the woman for him — if only he can catch her.

Rory is more than a match for Damon. But with a nuke missing and thousands of lives on the line, he’ll do everything in his power, use all his seductive prowess, to get her right where he wants her. Even if it means risking his heart.

~~~~~ KD ~~~~~


Gold Star!
“Fresh and exciting, stimulating both the imagination and the libido. Superbly written, the story is a masterpiece in every aspect. . . . an amazing read. Never before has it felt so easy to suspend disbelief. . . . a plot already vibrantly colored with an ingenious storyline, amazing attention to detail and characters so utterly real and captivating they live on in your mind and heart long after the pages are shut.”

Recommended Read!
“Blistering hot but this story is so much more than just good sex. . . . Ms. Dante grabbed my attention on the first page of this book and held it to the end. I had a hard time putting it down for any reason. . . . I highly recommend Dreamwalker to any lover of paranormal stories who wants creative characters with intriguing skills, explosive sexual relationships, and non-stop adventure.”

—Stephanie B., Fallen Angel Reviews

“Move over James Bond and make room for Damon and Rory! These two are a hot, likeable couple that will have you rooting for them both equally. . . . There is just the right mix of intrigue, danger, humor and passion all wrapped up with a paranormal bow to make this story a winner!”

—Catherine Smith, ParaNormalRomance Reviews

Recommended Read!
“Dreamwalker is a steamy story that will keep you guessing. . . . Kathleen Dante brings paranormal and crime fighting into one novel that you will not soon forget. Pick up Dreamwalker. You will not be sorry.”

A Page Turner!
“Dreamwalker is intriguing, steamy, and sexy and had me wondering how these two were going to complete their mission with their hearts, let alone their lives, intact. . . . The romance had me smiling, the sex had me sweating along with the well-developed characters, and the touch of humor had me laughing out loud. . . . [Put] this book on your must read list. I know I’ll read it again.”

“Kathleen Dante spins a great tale packed with all the things romance readers love – plenty of lava hot passion, chilling suspense and a wonderful HEA. . . . [Damon and Rory] will steal [your] breath and have you eagerly turning the pages to find out if they survive their mission.”

—Sabella, Joyfully Reviewed

“Be prepared for heart-stopping action and adventure coated with intense physical satisfaction and sexual tension. . . . This story started out with action and never let up. I couldn’t stop reading it.”

—Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio

“Kathleen Dante has written an erotic paranormal for those who enjoy spy stories very much like the Ludlum/Lustbader Bourne books or movies. . . . Dreamwalker kept me hooked till the very last page, and don’t be surprised if you are also.”

—Kate Garrabrant, RRTErotic

Five Blue Ribbons!
“Superb! Drama, passion and a killer storyline . . . a fantastic read. . . . The heat between [Damon and Aurora] was absolutely mesmerizing.”

—Amanda Haffery, Romance Junkies

Outstanding Read!
“Excellent story, suspenseful, action packed and sensual . . . A complex plot with more than enough twists and turns to keep you breathless . . . when you add in the titillating relationship which grows between Damon and Rory you are not going to want to put down the book until you’ve turned the last page.”

“Dreamwalker is smoking hot! . . . Ms. Dante has written a great plotline with such sizzle and pop it is impossible to read this book without fanning yourself. And once you add the sex scenes, time for the fire department. . . . Total reader enjoyment.”

“The fire and heat . . . [are] electrifying and addictive. This is another Kathleen Dante read I could not put down until the very last page.”

—Mandy Burns, Fresh Fiction

“Damon and Aurora made a surprisingly fabulous couple. Their story is one I will not soon forget . . . powerfully dramatic . . . full of action and intense characters who worked just as hard as they loved.”

“Dreamwalker is a heady mixture of steamy romance, the paranormal and international intrigue. . . . fun, fast-paced, and unexpected.”

—Angela Etheridge, The Romance Readers Connection

Four Stars!
“This sexy romantic thriller has all the ingredients of a good story—an interesting plot, nonstop action and two unique characters. Of course, there’s a drool-worthy hero, and Dante’s shapeshifting heroine provides plenty of variety for him.”

—Gail Pruszkowski, Romantic Times BOOKreviews
~~~~~ KD ~~~~~


“Looking for this?” The deep growl sounded from the depths of shadow behind a tall bush, almost as if it were part of the night. A bodiless hand held out her grapnel, the same one she’d anchored on one of the crenels on the darkest side of the museum, preset for a quick getaway.

With the barest scuff of heel, the Adonis of the park emerged into the half-light, a slight quirk of his lips giving him a triumphant air. He was dressed in dark clothes, his long hair tied back in a low, loose ponytail.

Rory’s nipples beaded in welcome as sensual awareness zinged her core. Even as she berated herself silently, she couldn’t deny he looked wonderful. If he weren’t a Fed out to get her—which was the only possible reason for his presence—she wouldn’t hesitate to take him as a lover.

He coiled her rope along the shank of the grapnel and tied it off neatly, guaranteeing that even if she managed to take it from him, she couldn’t deploy it with any speed—certainly not quickly enough to escape.

“Maybe.” Rory searched the shadows of the rooftop garden, looking for museum security and finding none. He was alone and wasn’t making any moves to call for support. Why was that?

Dismissing the question as irrelevant, she darted back, heading for the door to draw him away from her egress point. She didn’t plan on going back inside, but he couldn’t know that. If he wanted to capture her himself, he’d have to stop her.

He took the bait, chasing her in silence, the slight thuds of his boots the only sounds he made. She hadn’t been far off when she’d labeled him a predator.

Her traitorous body thrilled to his pursuit, a definite wetness creeping down her thighs. Rory could feel her labia swelling, her strides rubbing the damp lips together in sensual friction. Her unruly imagination titillated her with a scene of caveman sex: the Adonis throwing her down and claiming her. She shivered in reaction. Damn it, now isn’t the time for that!

A glance stolen over her shoulder found him catching up with every step, his long legs eating up the distance between them. The determination squaring his jaw had desire pooling in her belly, hot and heavy, throwing off her stride.

He shot past her, blocking the path to the door.

Changing direction, Rory swerved around a large ceramic pot, her feet feeling leaden, as though she were running through molasses. The humidity in the air didn’t help; it felt like a sauna.

He blocked her again, forcing her to round a pungent hedge. He was toying with her, herding her to where he wanted. Well, two could play that game.

She veered into a stand of palms, hoping her agility would offset his greater speed. For a moment she thought it would work, but the low leafy trees ended too soon, leaving her racing over a well-kept lawn.

He slammed into her like a runaway locomotive, sending her flying through the air. Then the night spun and she landed on hard, unyielding muscle. Before she could catch her breath, he twisted around, planting her facedown on the grass and under his big body.

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