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Book 2 of the En series
Berkley Heat, March 2007
ISBN-10: 0425214915 ISBN-13: 9780425214916
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Enticed coverPsyprint artist Jordan Kane uses clairvoyance to hide her blindness and present a façade of normalcy in public. A secondary gift of psychometry reinforces her solitariness. The last thing she wants is a man in her bed who upsets the even tenor of her life.

Black ops agent Dillon Gavin is comfortable in his shadowy world. Ordered to take R&R, he’s on the lookout for a simple vacation fling. The last thing he expects is a lover with unauthorized — and uncontrollable — access to details of his top secret missions.

But when Dillon meets Jordan, caution and commonsense go out the window. Enticed beyond measure, Jordan risks her heart, and the last thing Dillon expects is precisely what he gets. Now, with murder haunting Jordan’s dreams, Dillon will risk everything he has to keep his lover alive.

~~~~~ KD ~~~~~


Recommended Read!
“Once again Kathleen Dante has penned a masterful story. Painting backgrounds, characters, and magic with such ease that it was hard to believe that magic didn’t exist; Enticed is a fabulous continuation of the world Kathleen Dante introduced in Entangled.”

“Stupendous! Exceptionally written with interesting characters and a clever dialogue, this tale has an amazing storyline that will keep you entertained from beginning to end. With sizzling hot erotic love scenes and the touch of magic, this story gives you all the elements in a romantic paranormal you need.”

—Wateena, Coffee Time Romance

“Ms. Dante has done it again! With her expert crafting of setting and mood, the reader is drawn into a world of magic, danger and sensual heat that will leave you breathless; Enticed is a feast for the senses. . . . Readers looking for a magical fantasy with an excellent story and unforgettable characters, look no further.”

—Desiree Gentle, ParaNormalRomance Reviews

“A fabulous follow-up to . . . Entangled! Enticed has everything that I want in a story: lush characterization, enough heat to scorch my eyebrows and a mystery strong enough to keep me turning the pages to find out what happens next.”

—Shannon, Joyfully Reviewed

“Enticed is a keeper and I look forward to future installments. . . . Suspenseful, intriguing, and doused with a bit of magic, this story sated my paranormal loving heart . . . a must read in my book.”

—Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies

“All that wonderful sex flows seamlessly through a fast-paced, intricate plot of intrigue and murder that holds the reader spellbound from the first page to the last and leaves them wanting more. Enticed is a triumph for Ms. Dante and a real treat for all fans of erotic romance, mystery, suspense, magic and face-kicking action.”

“[Ms. Dante] creates deeply sensual men and the perfect women to love them. Her erotically charged loved scenes are an enticing treat and her well-developed story is filled with action and drama. I am very much looking forward to the next book from her.”

“What a hot and sexy story! This is a ‘must read aloud to your husband’ book! . . . Definitely a must-read.”

—Mandy Burns, Fresh Fiction

“I loved [Enticed] and can not wait for the next one. . . . The characters are complex, the romance and sex is hot—hot—hot and the suspense keeps me turning the pages quickly, wanting to get to the end to find out what happens, but also not wanting the story to end.”

—Vanessa Costa, RRTErotic

“Dante writes a gripping novel that is packed full of steamy sex scenes, adventure, and elements of paranormal intensity. . . . I found this book fascinating . . . an enjoyable read that I would not hesitate to recommend to friends.”

—Kym Oetting, Romance Reader at Heart

Five-and-a-Half Magical Wands!
“Ms. Dante’s characters are so well drawn you can believe they are real. The way they complement each other makes it a wonderful romance, and the hot spicy sex only adds to the tone of the book.”

—Astraea, Enchanted Ramblings

Five Stars!
“A stupendous sequel . . . Fans of erotic romantic suspense will enjoy this enticing thriller starring likable protagonists.”

—Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews
~~~~~ KD ~~~~~


Still elated by the success of his initial foray, Dillon ended his last set and returned the weights to their holder with a gentle clink. He’d worked out to give the exhilaration flowing through him an outlet, something to do before he started bouncing off the walls. Despite his physical exertions, his mind continued to dwell on Jordan, preoccupied with the fresh intelligence he’d gathered.

It hadn’t surprised him to learn that the house was her childhood home. It explained the flamboyance of the garden as well as the childproof styling of the furniture—its curves and rounded edges, well-padded against blind exploration, and lavished with textures. But it still didn’t solve the mystery of her car registration.

He shrugged to himself, on his way to the shower. He had time to satisfy his curiosity. More importantly, the hunt was on and his skittish prey was a worthy target.

Stripping off his cutoffs returned Dillon’s thoughts to Jordan, how she hadn’t been wearing any shorts, and his plans for seduction. So his pretty artist was a sensualist. Which made sense, given her blindness. Might that make her stomach the fastest way to her heart—or at least her bed? Maybe if he engaged her tongue with new tastes? His chuckle rose from deep in his chest. He knew one thing he wanted to feed her.

His cock was still hard enough to drill through concrete and had been since before he’d left her. He’d nearly swallowed his tongue when her T-shirt had ridden up, exposing the edge of a plain white panty, as she fled to her living room. Damned if that accidental glimpse hadn’t made him feel like a Peeping Tom. Hard to believe it had made him hotter than a deliberate striptease could. He’d wanted to rip that T-shirt off her back right then and there, he’d been that turned on by the sight.

It occurred to him that it was a good thing Jordan was blind. If she’d seen her effect on him, she might have run away screaming or . . . maybe not?

Stepping under the shower, Dillon allowed a fantasy to play in his mind, one that embroidered on real life. As warm water sluiced over his body and caressed the aching length of his hard-on, he closed his eyes and gave himself over to his imagination.

They were alone this time, no cat at their feet playing chaperon. Jordan still wore that large T-shirt, its fabric so thin he could see the dark circles of her areolas when she crossed her arms under her high breasts.

But this time her nipples raised distended peaks under the white cotton, daring him to act on his urges. This time he could see the merest shadow of the delta between her thighs, barely veiled by the hem of her T-shirt—and she’d dressed that way deliberately, knowing he had come for her.

This time after she learned his face, she didn’t stop at his neck. . . .

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